Tragedy wears many faces—Theo Hunter has just met one of its ugliest. FBI agent Frank Marino—Theo’s fiancé—went deep undercover to expose a human trafficking ring. He hasn’t been heard from in six months. Hope that he survived has vanished. Reluctantly, Theo is forced to accept the inevitable.

Still reeling from the truth she can’t face, Theo gets another shock when a chance encounter brings her face to face with the man who knew Dena Hunter—Theo’s mother—and why she disappeared without a trace thirty years before. He tells her that Dena was reported as one of three casualties when the San Francisco campaign office of a U.S. Congressman was bombed—but he doesn’t believe she died—in fact, he’s convinced she survived.

Armed with sketchy information and a steel resolve, Theo, and a grad-student researcher and ace-computer hacker, head to San Francisco. They delve into Dena’s history and uncover a life shrouded in secrets and lies. The evidence exposes Dena’s extremist ties and bloody past. But when a key witness is killed, Theo is no longer the hunter—she has become the hunted, and the end game—sudden death.

What she uncovers will change her life forever--if she lives that long! 

Coming in December 2017

Fatal Little Lies